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Flake Ice Plant

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flake ice plant


Prithvi Flake Ice Makers

Prithvi Stands Behind its Products
The Only Manufacturer to Offer a Lifetime Warranty and Performance Guarantee Prithvi is the only ice equipment manufacturer in the world to offer a lifetime warranty on the ice maker evaporator and a performance guarantee to ensure that every Prithvi ice maker will produce ice according to Prithvi capacity charts. No Ice Maker Delivers More Since 1950, Prithvi Ice Equipment has led the world in the design and manufacture of high-capacity industrial flake ice makers. Often copied but never equaled, Prithvi’s enclosed vertical drum design, and expert construction result in a low stress, low wear, and low maintenance ice maker that is simple to install and operate. The compact, economical unit produces totally sub cooled flake ice with efficiency and reliability unmatched by other ice machines.

          Versatile       Economical
  • Available in six models with capacities between 2 and 56 tons of ice. Combine two or more models for greater ice making capacity.

  • Makes ice from fresh water, seawater or other liquids.

  • Choose either a solid carbon or stainless steel freezing surface. There are no coatings or plating to chip or peel off.

  • Manufactured with stainless steel water makeup tank and ice removal tools as standard equipment. 

  • Optional stainless steel water path components are available to make the units approved for use in USDA-inspected meat and poultry plants and for other food processing applications.

  • Can be installed on land or onboard ships with a broad range of power options.

  • Uses standard ammonia or ozone-friendly refrigerants.

  • Produces more ice per ton of refrigeration than any other ice maker using an equally rated compressor.

  • Makes sub-cooled ice with better cooling power than any other ice maker.

  • Harvests ice continuously with no defrost cycles.

  • Reduces refrigeration losses with insulated fiberglass enclosure.

  • Converts all make-up water to ice eliminating waste.

  • Saves space with compact design.

  • Installs with standard construction equipment and requires minimal maintenance.


Contact Person : MR. DINESH PUTHRAN
G-4, B Wing, Shri Pandit CHS Ltd., Balrajeshwari Road, Mulund (W), Maharashtra, India.
Phone : 022-21640549 Mobile : 9867753109 / 9769023799
Email :
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