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Tube Ice

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About Us

Prithvi Precision Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
is a completely technological driven company backed by experienced professionals and knowledgeable team. Technological and operational innovation underlined by commitment keeps Advance Technologies in the frontiers of ice making plant manufacturer. It helped the company raise many an industry benchmark to newer heights amongst commercial ice making plant.


Direct refrigeration through heat transfer tube resulting in
  less energy consumption.

No moving parts in ice maker and only one cutter
  assembly provided for ice sizing.

Has in-built chilling system and does not require any external
  chilling plant further reducing electricity consumption.
Application Concrete Cooling: Tube ice is mixed into the cement.
application Chemical Industry Processes:
The quality of tube ice is actually better than the water
Application Food roduction Processes: Tube ice is used in poultry, red meat and sausage plants


Contact Person : MR. DINESH PUTHRAN
G-4, B Wing, Shri Pandit CHS Ltd., Balrajeshwari Road, Mulund (W), Maharashtra, India.
Phone : 022-21640549 Mobile : 9867753109 / 9769023799
Email :
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