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Tube Ice

Benefits of Tube Ice Plants
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Highest electricity efficiency: Only 47 units per ton of ice versus more than 90 units for flake ice.

Labor cost savings: Due to minimal manpower expense related to ice crushing and wastage along with accurate and consistent weight the overall labor expenses are significantly lower.

Flexible batch cycle: Ice batch in less than 20 minutes ensures no wastage of electricity and thus allows for production planning.

Variance in flake sizing: Using our customized on-line tube ice flakers, the ice can be produced at a required thickness allowing for present and future variance in flake sizes.

Quality ice:The quality of tube ice is actually better than the water it is made since the impurities present in the water are moved to the center of the ice tube and discharged during defrost ensuring that clean, crystal ice tubes are formed. On the other hand, block ice is manufactured using the outdated method of salt water brine chilling. Due to the leaking of ice cans, typically the block ice contains a high degree of salinity, which has an adverse effect on the concrete structure.

Lowest operating cost: Production efficiency without brine solution, cans etc; using direct refrigeration principles.

Minimal maintenance: Machines are known to run with minimal or no maintenance due to inherent plant design and since only world class indigenous components are used.

Overall lowest investment: Net present value of tube ice plant is greater than flake or block ice plant.

Lowest space to production ratio: Only 100 sq.ft required for 40 TPD machine making the tube ice machine one of the most sought after ice machines where land and building is expensive.

Uniform melt age: Since the tube ice is consistent in shape the tubes melt at an equal pace providing an uniform cooling medium.


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